• León 2

    We were in León around 7PM. We booked a room with a nice balcony and view of the Plaza Mayor. It was raining a little but it wasn’t cold. It is interesting to see how weather and other factors can influence your perception/memories of a place.  

  • Countryside from Oviedo to León

    Beautiful and picturesque Spain.  

  • Oviedo

    We were thinking about flying to another country but instead decided to go back to León and take it easy. Ali took the countryside road all the way down. We stopped in Oviedo for lunch.

  • Bilbao

    Bilbao is larger than we though. It felt like a comfortable city. The art museum is renowned and the primary attraction in the city. From Bilbao we went back towards Gijón. We found a hotel that we liked and wanted to have some quiet time. These are some pictures I took from the highway.