Kangaroo Island

We woke up early to go to Kangaroo Island. It was hard to get out of bed. We were really tired. We dressed in layers. There were a couple of strange turns before the main highway. After that it was mostly straight. We stopped at a bakery/coffee shop for something to eat. It was cold …



We had a 5 hour overnight flight from Denpasar, Indonesia to Adelaide. We arrived in Adelaide at 6:30 AM. Tired of course. Picked up the rental car and went to the hotel. We slept for 1 hour and went to Barrosa. We were tired all day long and I was afraid of getting sick after …


Monkeys, Bali

We read and heard stories about the monkeys in Ubud http://www.monkeyforestubud.com. Some people said you shouldn’t even bring a bag or small things because the monkeys were aggressive and would take it away from you in exchange for food. We didn’t see anything like that. As soon as we arrived a woman gave us a tour of …


Butterfly Park Bali

Bali butterfly park, it was a very quick 20 minutes stop.   We told our driver that the coffee at the place he recommended for lunch was very good. He said: You like coffee!! I’m going to take you to taste Bali Coffee. We went to Uma Abian Agrotourism Luwak Coffee.  


Temple in Bali

We hired a driver for a day our first destination was a temple. The pictures below are from Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. The temple is on the shore of Lake Bratan.



Our flight landed in Bali late at night. We decided to spend the night close to the airport in Jimbaran. We had dinner at the beach. There was a band playing latin music (Maná). The next morning we went walking to explore the area near our hotel. We went back to the hotel and spent …


Singapore II

I took these pictures on our way to another orchid display. It was a very hot day but also very windy. I’m glad I was able to take these dragonflies. This is a Malayan water monitor lizard. Here is some information about it monitor-lizards It was during the week when we went to the garden so …



Our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore left 5:20PM. It was a short flight, a little bit over an hour. The entrance to the metro station.  There were signs like this everywhere the nice part is that in Singapore it works! We had dinner at a mall nearby our hotel. It was almost 9PM. One of …