Kuala Lumpur

We arrived late at night in Kuala Lumpur. Our taxi driver from the airport drove very fast. It seems that there isn’t a speed limit in KL. I know Ali was wishing we had rented a car so he can be happy racing there.   We had just a couple of hours left and decided …


Bangkok 1

We took another boat to Wat Arun. There were several food stalls on the way to the boat dock. We went out for dinner that night. We checked out and left our carry-ons with the concierge.



It was late when we arrived at our hotel probably around 9PM. I don’t remember having dinner maybe because we were still full after all the courses we had in our cooking class with Oui in Chiang Mai. In Bangkok like anywhere else in the world some people try to take advantage of tourists. In …


Chiang Mai Market and cooking class

Oui came for us at 9AM. We went straight to the market. We love markets!! From the market we went directly to Oui’s kitchen. Everything was set and ready for our cooking class. If you want to take a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai. I highly recommend Oui. This is a link to her …


Chiang Mai 1

We were back at our hotel from the elephant sanctuary around 3:00PM. We spent 2 nights in Chiang Mai so we had to see as much as we could in a short period of time. As in any other city we visited during this trip, we were like birds just stopping by to take a peak …


Chiang Mai

On our way to Chiang Mai. Beautiful mountains and clouds. After checking in our hotel we went to the night market. Chiang Mai ended up being one of our favorite places during this trip. The visit to an elephant sanctuary was one of the highlights. We wanted to see the elephants but didn’t like that in …



Around 9:40AM we took a taxi in Hong Kong to the ferry station to go to Macau. We barely made it. It was a 55 minute ride in a High speed ferry. As soon as we left the ferry station it was so easy to find the shuttle bus for the different hotels. Really very well organized. …

20161003-3B8A0589-Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite places. For some reason I feel very comfortable there. It’s the perfect mix of East and West (I guess that has to do with the way I was raised). This was my third time. I thought I was going to take more pictures but once we were there …


Osaka II

We went all around Osaka this day. We went for breakfast to Kurumon Ichiba Market. Fresh wasabi and beautiful persimmons.  The sushi looked delicious and I couldn’t eat much. After 2 days taking antihistamines I woke up with very bad vertigo. I was really scared and afraid that raw fish might worsen how bad I …



A very nice city with a little bit of everything. Smaller than Tokyo and a very comfortable place. The center was a small network of pedestrian streets that drew a broad cross section of society in the evenings. Here are the bicycle police impounding illegally parked bikes. Nearly everything in Japan seemed to have an …