Eduardo hand in chin

This is my friend Eduardo Villagrán. He is from Mexico City also. He is a photographer and very talented drawing artist. Last week he allowed me to shoot a portrait session in his studio. He taught me the basics and then let me play. My first time playing with studio lights!

Eduardo is always joking and playful. I told him I wanted to portray the artist and the “real” Eduardo and I think I succeeded. Yes, I see him in black and white. I hope he will use one of these photos when he publishes his first book.

What he enjoys, one of his passions.

Oops, maybe I had to move the light a little bit farther away. But despite almost blinding him, I like the photo.

When he relaxes, he relaxes.

And then he went back to “normal”, this is how he behaves most of the time :-)

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  1. Eduardo says:

    Interesting work, it must have been a good camera. Hahaha.
    “Light is the subject, model the object but the photographer is the artist” It’s my little prayer every time I go to a Shoot.

  2. Franco Rizo says:

    buenisimo trabajo, hey Eduardo el tiempo pasa y vos te ves igual, no has cambiado nada, como haces para cuidarte? lol me gustaron muchisimo las fotografias, un abrazo y saludos a robyn

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