Monkeys, Bali


We read and heard stories about the monkeys in Ubud Some people said you shouldn’t even bring a bag or small things because the monkeys were aggressive and would take it away from you in exchange for food.

We didn’t see anything like that. As soon as we arrived a woman gave us a tour of the place. She told us that if a monkey climbed on us we should stay still. I didn’t want a monkey on top of me so she had a stick on her hand that she would normally use to scare them away but not a single monkey tried to get close to us. They kept their distance and I was happy to photograph them.

We had a spider monkey at home when I was little, we had her for about 2 years. I was actually afraid of her. I was 6 years old and she (Mikimba was her name) would grab my leg so hard and scratch. She also liked to grab the sugar dispenser and pour it on herself. She was messy.

20161015-3B8A2402-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2404-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2405-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2406-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2408-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2410-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2412-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2414-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2416-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2417-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2419-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2420-Balimonkey


Those eyes.

20161015-3B8A2422-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2423-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2425-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2428-Balimonkey


They just interact happily.


I wondered what the one below was into.



It hurt me to see him sitting like that. I guess that’s comfortable for a monkey.

20161015-3B8A2438-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2439-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2441-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2442-Balimonkey


Bali spa


So funny he was sleeping deeply the entire time.20161015-3B8A2447-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2449-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2450-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2451-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2456-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2457-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2459-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2461-Balimonkey



Ali was happy holding him but afterwards we realized what the trick was. We walked through the area and we didn’t know they had bats (we went for the monkeys). Our guide asked Ali if he wanted to hold one. When he gave it back to the girl she said it was 20 Rupiahs. We had already paid to get in the place but that wasn’t what made Ali uncomfortable. The bat was like a pet slave trained to pose with tourists. On the other hand we know these people need to make a living and we don’t mind helping if we can.

20161015-3B8A2467-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2469-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2470-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2471-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2474-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2478-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2479-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2480-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2482-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2483-Balimonkey


He might have been in a fight very recently. His hand was still bleeding.


Just chillin’


I think he was looking for trouble.

20161015-3B8A2491-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2492-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2494-Balimonkey

20161015-3B8A2495-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2497-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2498-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2499-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2500-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2503-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2504-Balimonkey


That cellophane bag was a nice reflector on his face. Too bad he wouldn’t follow my directions.

20161015-3B8A2509-Balimonkey 20161015-3B8A2510-Balimonkey

This little one was so tiny. Probably just a few weeks old. I made sure I kept my distance from the little ones, the mothers were very protective.  20161015-3B8A2512-Balimonkey

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