O’ahu, Hawaii II

20151020-3B8A4489-Diamond Head

With the 5 hours time zone difference between Hawaii and NC it wasn’t hard to wake up at 4 AM. It was raining, cloudy, very windy and a little bit chilly. We went to the other side of the island looking for Ehukai Pillbox trail, it was supposed to be a 30 minute hike to see a beautiful sunrise but we never found the entrance to the place. It was disappointing but at the same time it was dark and we didn’t have flashlights. I’m afraid of nature when I can see everything so hiking in the dark wasn’t something I was looking forward to. I was relieved

Instead we stopped somewhere in Kalanianaole Hwy.

20151020-3B8A4390-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4393-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4399-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4406-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4415-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4426-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4432-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4434-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4441-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4444-Kealahou sunrise

20151020-3B8A4449-Kealahou sunrise

It was almost 10 AM when we arrived at Diamond Head (ʻahi). 

20151020-3B8A4455-Diamond Head

20151020-3B8A4461-Diamond Head

20151020-3B8A4462-Diamond Head

20151020-3B8A4463-Diamond Head

20151020-3B8A4470-Diamond Head

The view of Waikiki.

20151020-3B8A4479-Diamond Head

20151020-3B8A4483-Diamond Head20151020-3B8A4489-Diamond Head

20151020-3B8A4486-Diamond Head

20151020-3B8A4496-Diamond Head

20151020-3B8A4497-Diamond Head

While he is driving Ali often tells me to let him know if I want to stop to take a picture. The problem is that when I get off the car my perspective changes and the shot I wanted to take is gone It’s easier to take quick Iphone pics without stopping the car. These are from my Iphone:

20151022-IMG_6806-Iphone 20151022-IMG_6809-Iphone 20151022-IMG_6804-Iphone 20151022-IMG_6796-Iphone 20151022-IMG_6778-Iphone 20151020-IMG_6662-Iphone 20151020-IMG_6622-Iphone 20151020-IMG_6597-Iphone

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