A proud mama duck

Spring brings flowers and babies! The mother was crouching down and the ducklings huddling behind her. A close up of the previous photo. The one at the end was curious about me. He was so cute. A proud mother of 13


Cool and Coolito

Cool and Coolito live in a lake nearby our house. I named the white one Cool and my sister-in-law started calling the other one Coolito They quack when they see us coming and run toward us. One day Coolito was so excited that he came running and shaking his wings. Of course we always bring …

Vancouver Stanley Park Aquarium

Vancouver, Canada. Part 2

On Sunday morning we went to Stanley Park. It was supposed to rain but we got lucky and other than a couple of rain drops, it was just very cloudy. And then we went to the Aquarium. It was very dark and some people were taking photos with flash. I kept getting flash reflected on the …

close to Seattle

Bellevue, WA

Our first visit to Washington (state). I took these clouds photos with Ali’s iPhone. I tried to exclude the airplane wing from the frame but it was almost impossible and it adds some perspective. Every time an English native speaker asks my name or how to pronounce it I would say: Claudia as in Cloud (I hope …

Oak Trees with Spanish moss black and white

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC

This time in Charleston we visited a Plantation it was fun and a very hot day. The old Oak trees with Spanish moss looked so beautiful. I used to be afraid of these trees because when I was little my brother told me stories about how they became monsters at night I mentioned it to …